About us

About us

Why Sibiu IT Cluster?

The Sibiu IT Cluster provides an ecosystem that drives the growth and advancement of businesses in the IT industry. By promoting shared values and objectives, the cluster serves as a bridge between the local, regional, and national IT communities.

Who is the Sibiu IT Cluster intended for?

Sibiu IT Cluster is for:

  • young people interested in the IT industry
  • entrepreneurs
  • public institutions / local administration
  • civil society / extended business environment
  • universities and research centers
  • companies and organizations outside the IT industry who want to become partners/sponsors
Strong partnerships


Our mission is to create value through building long-term relationships and strong commitments to support our community. In doing so, we aim to safeguard, advance, and support the social and economic well-being of the IT industry.

national & international recognition


We promote the development of the IT&C industry in Romania by being recognized both nationally and internationally as a strategic partner for companies in the IT sector.




Foundation year



Our core values


Transparency and collaboration. Together, we can accomplish more than we ever could individually.


Development. Quality. We aim for excellence through ongoing development and the quality of the services & products we provide.


Growth. Learning. We establish a foundation for progress and evolution.


Honest competition. We foster a competitive environment that is built on principles of integrity.


We are committed to fulfilling our responsibility of promoting the development and progress of the community in a professional and responsible manner.


We proactively adjust our approach to align with the ever-evolving nature of the IT industry.

Looking to make a meaningful contribution to the IT sector? Take the next step and join us!