We bring together the Sibiu IT&C community.

We provide a diverse range of services and initiatives to support the sustainable growth of competitiveness and the national & international promotion of the local IT industry.


Sibiu IT Association

Through the organization and execution of specific initiatives, we hope to put Sibiu on the map of Romania’s cutting-edge digital centers. By advancing the socioeconomic interests of Sibiu IT members, we also contribute to the long-term expansion of competitiveness.


About us

The only IT&C cluster in Sibiu. Join us as a member!


It's time to increase the visibility of the Sibiu IT community.

Collaborative ecosystem

Collaboration, innovation, valuable partnerships, all under one roof.

Who is Sibiu IT Association intended for? ​

Sibiu IT Association is for:

  • young people interested in the IT industry
  • entrepreneurs
  • public institutions / local administration
  • civil society / extended business environment
  • universities and research centers
  • companies and organizations outside the IT industry who want to become partners/sponsors

Based on shared values and goals, Sibiu IT Association unifies the local, regional, and national communities.

The Sibiu IT Association is an ecosystem that fosters the expansion and improvement of businesses in the IT sector.



The Sibiu IT Association brings together local, regional, and national communities by fostering shared values and goals.


Promoting the IT industry

- Recruiting
- Organizing educational competitions and events
- Supporting programs that result in new, innovative products and services

Commitment to education

- Supporting extracurricular education
- Providing educational opportunities
- Development of the current education curriculum


- Supporting local start-ups
- Setting up networking opportunities, career events and activities
- Supporting economic exchanges and commercial activities between the members of the association


- Networking
- Visibility
- Identifying partners for international initiatives

Research and development activities

- Securing regional or European funding


- Supporting community social campaigns

Advantages and benefits of being a member

  • Opportunities to access and participate in a dynamic and cutting-edge IT ecosystem.
  • Visibility to potential clients and partners on both a national and international level.
  • Collaborate with other members on projects specific to the IT industry.
  • Advertisement through the communication channels of the Sibiu IT Association.
  • Opportunities to contribute to the socio-economic growth and development of the community.

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